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Champaign County educators and their students are impacted by agriculture every day. Agriculture is a major employer in the United States, providing the food for your table, clothes on your back, and shelter.


You might know of Farm Bureau through the Agriculture in the Classroom program. This program, funded by the Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation, provides free resources for educators who teach grades PreK-12. Each month, the program reaches 1,500 students in classrooms in Champaign County. Students are taught the importance of agriculture through lessons such as growing soybeans, apples, and discovering where pizza comes from.


Besides educating today’s youth, the Champaign County Farm Bureau (CCFB) strives to assist families in agriculture by recognizing and responding to issues of concern while strengthening partnerships and improving farm family life for this and future generations. CCFB members take an active role with local legislative issues, stay connected to government officials, and several committees to promote agriculture issues such as road safety and farm safety. These programs make a difference in our county and state.


Do you want to support agriculture, agriculture education, and your community?  Now is your chance to become a Friend of the Farm!


Becoming a Friends of the Farm member means:


· Quarterly Partners magazine

Illinois Farm Bureau Partners magazine connects you with the food you eat, the Illinois farmers who grow it, and the food-related events, destinations, and lifestyles that make our state great. (add link to digital site)


· Discounts, Coupons, and Corporate Rates

Celebrate being an Illinois Farm Bureau® member! We’re proud to offer you over 300,000 members-only discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and the zoo to movie tickets, car rentals, and hotels! Access these benefits through our online platform, Abenity.


· Support for the Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation and Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom exists to help students and teachers make connections to the food they eat, the land that provides it, and the people in agriculture who get it to their tables. The CCFBF is committed to bringing the message of agriculture into the classrooms of Champaign County and providing resources to teachers for FREE. Your membership in the CCFB makes that possible.