Champaign County Farm Bureau Prime Timers

The Prime Timer's program has a goal of providing entertaining and informational social programs, educational activities, and travel opportunities for our members.  With monthly updates on legislative issues on the local, state and national level, members are informed citizens as well as knowledgeable consumers of agricultural products.  Community outreach is also a priority as is a continual desire to learn more about the changing world around us.

Every month, this committee continually investigates new ideas and events that may be of interest to their group.  Resources used include local colleges, local celebrities, legislators, teachers, lawmakers, entertainers, the Farm Bureau, and local businesses.  Committee leaders organize, plan and execute 100% of all programming, travel and catering services.  Duties from coffee making to total setup are delegated to help the group run like a well-oiled machine.

The Prime Timers consists of 80 members led by an executive committee of 8 volunteers.  While individual projects are organized by the executive committee, the entire membership assists with the monthly meetings including setting up tables and chairs, preparing the site, baking desserts, providing treats and brochures at place settings, monitoring microphones and AV equipment and provide a complete and comprehensive program.

Recent programs include German Agriculture, Toys of Yesteryear, Thwarting Juvenile Crime in the County, Holidays in Branson, Food for the Needy, Church Basement Ladies, County Government, Irish Agriculture in the Classroom, University History, Caves of Illinois and Missouri. 

Prime Timers meet 11 times per year on the second Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. in the CCFB Auditorium.


Prime Timers Meeting with Paul Berbaum discussing his trip to Argentina and Brazil as part of IFB's Market Outlook Tour.