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The Truth About Food Myths
March 8, 2018 by: Lesley Gooding


We are all faced with the task of feeding ourselves and our families. A variety of safety questions may arise while at the grocery store: “Where did this food come from?”; “Who grew my food?”; “What’s the difference between brands and pricing?”; “Conventionally raised or Organic?”; and “What do farmers feed their livestock?”.  These questions can be answered for you at our Farm Bureau event on March 13th at 6:30 PM, focused on sharing the truth about food myths, with emphasis on food safety via hormone and antibiotic free foods.    

Guests for the evening will include Jenna Kilgus and Dr. Bob Ebbesmeyer.   The Kilgus Dairy in Fairbury, Il is active in milk production and consumer sales, and Ms. Kilgus is an expert on dairy safety, as well as consumer laws impacting the sale of dairy products.    She also serves on the Livingston County Farm Bureau Board as the Promotions and Education Committee Chair.  Dr. Ebbesmeyer is from New Hope Veterinary Clinic in German Valley, IL.  He will educate us about the relatively new Veterinarian Feed Directives.  These regulations have been put in place to limit farmers’ access to antibiotics for their herd, unless obtained from a licensed veterinarian.

The Champaign County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee will be serving a meal.  RSVP is required. 

Event venue: Champaign County Farm Bureau Auditorium 801 N. Country Fair Dr. Champaign, IL 61821.  Please call 352-5235 for questions or to secure your reservation.