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Local Data Analytics Company Gives Back
December 29, 2016 by: Lesley Gooding

Local data analytics company gives back:


Many of you have heard of the company called Agrible located in the research park, but you never really heard what they do.  Well, now is the time to learn and take part in what they have to offer Champaign County Farm Bureau Members!


Agrible is a data analytics company that develops web based software to use on your farm.  What is truly unique about Agrible is the fact they are a company staffed by people with real on farm experience.  The CEO, Chris Harbourt, came from a potato and sod farm in New Jersey.  Many of the people on the science and development teams came from family farms and understand how the products they develop are going to be put to use on your farm!  Two Champaign County Farm Bureau members are employed there working on Sustainability, Sales, and Market Development!  That truly is a difference between Agrible and others in the data world.   


Agrible is offering all Champaign County Farm Bureau members free 2017 Grower AgriBundle subscription.  Along with a free subscription (a $2300.00 value) they are offering 10% off any other product they offer in ‘17.  Products such as the Crop Copter Agribundle (Drone and software package) would qualify for that discount.  Growth within Agrible has been fantastic in 2016, so giving back to producers in the local community is important to them.  


Tools such as the Advanced Nutrient Engine and Spray Smart are just two of the key products farmers really utilize and talk about on their farms.  One of the greatest mysteries we wonder about throughout the growing season is knowing how much of the nutrients we applied to the soil are being used or available to the plants.  Math, Science, and years of experience came together at Agrible and now you know on a daily basis what is happening below the soil surface.  The days of fertilizer application are changing, and tools such as the nutrient engine will help you make those responsible and sustainable decisions.


With the release of Dicamba tolerant soybeans, reliable technologies to help chemical applicators are becoming more important.  Being able to accurately predict temperature inversions is just one feature of spray smart.  How can that be done?  Easy!  They  have their own staff of 4 Atmospheric Scientist and 3 meteorologists on staff under 1 roof!  Quality data is what they do!  84 hour forecasts give you 3+ days of lead time so you can plan that spray pass and ensure proper application.  


It truly is exciting having a company such as Agrible located right here in Champaign County on the U of I campus.  Take advantage of their AgriBundle offering!  Signup is simple.  Go to and click on the “special programs” button.  Look for Champaign County Farm Bureau button and follow the steps.  If you have questions, reach out to Todd Weitekamp (217-202-5946) or Luke Zwilling (217-218-3565)