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Chinese Education Connection
October 22, 2016 by: Lesley Gooding

Chinese Education Connection
The Sister School Program. The Chinese Education Connection enjoys a close relationship with officials in the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education.


On October 19th the Champaign County Farm Bureau was able to host a group of Chinese Agriculture Professors, Students and Assistant Professors. The group wanted to visit rural Champaign, after visiting the University of Illinois and Purdue University, to learn more about American agriculture practices, methods, technology and machinery. Our first stop was at Watson Farms where Adam Watson explained their family farm, machinery operated, use of technology, weather stations and seed treating. Adam went into great detail while answers questions and giving the group a first-hand look and experience of Champaign County family farms. The group was amazed at the scale of machinery used on the family farm compared to family farms in China.




Adam Watson explains to the group how to track his equipment in the field to manage efficiency





The group translator was able to relay what Adam talked about. There were questions about family farming and size of machinery


Adam also talked about his weather stations he had set up and how he can utilize the information and data