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New Member Benefit - AGRIBLE
April 7, 2016 by: Lesley Gooding

New Member Benefit from AGRIBLE     


Meet Morning Farm Report . The best way to start your data. Morning Farm Report is produced by Agrible, an agriculture company based in Champaign, Illinois that specializes in big data to create predictive analytics tools. We provide innovative, easy-to-use products that growers can use to improve their production and efficiency with various features based on which AgriBundle they choose. Growers receive a daily email report that provides accurate weather, field conditions, and expert insight. For Champaign County Farm Bureau members only, we are offering a 50% discount* off a 365 day subscription to the Tractor Time Daily AgriBundle, which features 4” in soil temperatures, soil conditions and weather forecasts all field-specific, Call the Farm Bureau to get the discount PROMO Code today!


*You may not use or combine the Promo Code with any other promotions unless specifically permitted by Agrible.