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CCFB Foundation Coffee Shop Tours
March 1, 2016 by: Lesley Gooding

Join the CCFB Foundation as they host the 2016 Coffee Shop Tours

Earth Parnters strongly believes in educating Champaign County teachers about agriculture so that they may in turn incorporate that knowledge into existing lessons. 

Our program is supported through Ag in the Classroom grants and donations.  We are able to bring outside dollars to Champaign County Ag Literacy by leveraging community funding from events like the Coffee Shop Tours, matching dollar for dollar.  We take pride in using your gracious donation and turning it into resources for teaching agriculture literacy!

Earth Partners offers Champaign County a diverse set of educational activities and materials through the support of Illinois Ag In the Classroom.  This includes a variety of AgMags, classroom activities and lesson plans all designed to educate about Illinois agriculture.


Champaign:  Tuesday, March 15 @ El Toro on Neil St.  NOON

Hosts:  Nancy Strunk & Sara Tondini


Dewey/Fisher:  Wednesday, March 22 @ Dewey Community Church  NOON

Hosts:  Ryann & Jacob Kesler, Bea Motzer


Mahomet:  Wednesday, March 23 @ JT Walkers Brewery NOON

Host:  Chris Karr


Philo:  Thursday, March 24 @ Philo Tavern NOON

Host:  Dick Miller


Gifford:  Friday, March 25 @ Stagecoach Steakhouse NOON

Hosts:  Alyson & Eric Suits