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Gifford "Let's Keep Growing" 2015
March 20, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

Let’s Keep Growing – The Gifford Tree Effort

Contact: Bill Malone
Cell Phone: (217) 202-4030

Champaign, IL – Last April, the Rotary Club of Champaign partnered with The Champaign County Farm Bureau and the tornado-ravaged Gifford community to help plant more than 200 trees with the help of more than 200 volunteers.   A year later, the hardest hit areas of Gifford are still in need of significant attention and project manager Bill Malone from the Rotary Club of Champaign feels this second planting effort is possibly more important than the first effort. 

Malone says, “Last year our volunteer effort had a very positive impact on the Gifford community.   Unfortunately, we could not access the hardest hit areas where the worst damage occurred.   This year we will focus on those areas and we are seeking volunteers to help us finish the job.” 

Thus, the effort continues again this year. There are 200 hundred volunteers needed to make this replant a success. This year there will be 150 trees planted. Trees were ordered from Moore Trees of Champaign.

With the support of Rotary District 6490 and the Champaign & Piatt County Rotary Clubs, Gifford Lion’s Club, Champaign County Farm Bureau, Ludwig Bros Landscaping and the Champaign County Design and Conservation Foundation, we hope to continue increasing our volunteer numbers. There will be three different crews this year, digging, planting, and mulching/staking. No matter what a talent may be, all are welcome - Physical labor, tying knots, walking wheelbarrows, raking, cutting strings etc.

This year’s planting date to help Gifford will be March 28th. If you are interested in volunteering and helping this effort please call the Champaign County Farm Bureau today to sign up (217) 352-5235. PLEASE call to sign-up if you wish to volunteer so crews can be assigned.

Call today to help rebuild Gifford and support the cause by volunteering March 28th – Let’s Keep Growing.