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Friday Leader 12-31-14
January 6, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

The New Year Leader

News from the Champaign County Farm Bureau

News for the Week Ending Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This Week’s Hot Topics

BIN RESCUE APP - The Illinois Corn Marketing Board and the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois teamed up to create an app that will locate the nearest grain rescue tube. The tubes can be placed around a person who has fallen into a grain bin to help prevent them from drowning or being crushed by grain.  Find the app on iTunes or Google Play with your smartphone.


EATING SPUDS – ERS says Americans often eat vegetables in ways that add calories and sodium and reduce dietary fiber. For potatoes prepared at home, potato chips were the most commonly eaten form, accounting for 28 percent of potato consumption. In restaurants, fast food places, and other away from home eating places, fried potatoes accounted for 59 percent of potato consumption.


TECH UPDATE - According to Flurry, Apple phones accounted for 51 percent of Christmas week activations, while Samsung accounted for only about a third that many, at 17 percent. Microsoft’s Lumia line had a pretty decent Christmas, finishing in third place with almost six percent of new activations.


MEDIA TRENDS – What will happen to local media in 2015? It’s not going to be the newspaper apocalypse all over again, but the inflection point has arrived in 2014, setting the stage for local broadcasters to understand the anguish of losing audience and advertisers.


Mark Your Calendar!

Looking ahead into January - where did December go?


CCFB Office Closed

JANUARY 5, 2015 FROM 07:00PM TO 08:45PM

Marketing Club

JANUARY 7, 2015 FROM 07:30AM TO 11:00AM

Farm/Crop Meeting

JANUARY 8, 2015 FROM 06:30PM TO 09:00PM

Young Ag Leaders

JANUARY 8, 2015 FROM 10:00AM TO 12:00PM

Prime Timers

JANUARY 9, 2015 AT 05:00PM TO JANUARY 10, 2015 AT 05:00PM

Illini Farm Toy Show

Urbana Plaza/Holiday Inn Hotel
1001 Kilarney St.
Urbana, IL 61801


Today in History

December 31, 2014

1879   Thomas Edison first demonstrates incandescent light

1891   A new immigration depot is opened on Ellis Island, New York.

1904   The first New Year's Eve celebration is held in Times Square

1946   President Harry Truman officially proclaims the end of hostilities in World War II.

1991   The Soviet Union is officially dissolved.

1995   The last strip of the popular comic Calvin and Hobbes is published.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year, See you in 2015!!!