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Friday Leader 1-23-15
January 25, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

The Friday Leader

News from the Champaign County Farm Bureau

News for the Week Ending Friday, January 23, 2015



Monday will be the 103rd Champaign County Annual Meeting! We appreciate all who have RSVP’d and will be attending the event, AGRICULTURE: The Future Is Ours!


Champaign County Farm Bureau Equine Garage Sale

February 21, 2015

9AM – Noon


This year’s tack sale will be by table rental only.  No commission will be charged.


  • 8 foot tables are available for $10 each to be paid with registration

Space will be available free of charge next to seller’s table for seller’s own saddle rack(s).

(registration form in January newsletter, online or see below)

  • Sellers are solely responsible for displaying and selling their own merchandise and must provide their own change, calculator, bags, etc. 


  • Sellers can start setting up their tables at 7:30 am the day of the event. Items must be removed by 1 pm the day of the event.


  • We strongly encourage sellers to have all items clearly labeled with price and seller’s initials. 


  • Tables must be manned at all times.


  • Not Responsible for lost or stolen items.



Equine Garage Sale Table Rental (please make checks payable to CCFB)








Phone___________________________ Cell Phone______________________________




Table: Qty _______ ($10 each)                  Saddle Rack Space needed Yes / No (circle one)




Hot Topics:

·      DEERE LAYOFFS - Deere & Company plans "indefinite layoffs" at five factories in Illinois and Iowa, including 45 employees at Harvester Works in East Moline and 500 at Deere's Seeding and Cylinder site in Moline. The company said the layoffs reflect current economic conditions.


·      CHESAPEAKE BAY RULES - In one of his first official acts, Maryland’s new Republican Gov. Larry Hogan put the brakes on expanded farm-pollution regulations just as they were about to take effect, setting up a potential fight with the Democratic-controlled Legislature and drawing concern from the federal agency monitoring Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts.


·      BOOK TRENDS - In 2013, the average household spent almost as much on digital book readers ($30.18) as it did on books ($32.53). Since 2000, average household spending on books has fallen 58 percent, after adjusting for inflation -- almost as steep a decline as the 65 percent plunge in spending on newspaper and magazine subscriptions.


·      POULTRY SAFETY - The government has proposed tougher standards on disease-causing bacteria in chicken and turkey meat, saying the result would be 50,000 fewer cases a year of food-borne illnesses. A final version of the regulation, which focuses on salmonella and campylobacter bacteria, is expected by springtime.


·      BEEF CHECKOFF - Under a new attempt for harmony over the beef checkoff program, the proposed $2 per head fee would be put to a nationwide referendum among cattle producers, says DTN. The $2 checkoff would be double the current rate and would require congressional action.


·      IMPACT OF LOWER GAS PRICES - Gasoline is one of the largest household expenses. How large? According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average household spent $2,549 on gasoline in 2013. Gasoline ranks a lofty 5th among items on which the average household spends the most (after deductions for Social Security, groceries, vehicle purchases, and rent/mortgage interest).


Mark Your Calendar!

JANUARY 25, 2015 FROM 02:00PM TO 04:00PM



JANUARY 26, 2015 FROM 06:00PM TO 09:00PM

CCFB Annual Meeting


JANUARY 29, 2015 FROM 10:00AM TO 05:00PM

Life Line Screenings

CCFB Auditorium
801 N Country Fair Drive
Champaign, IL 61821


JANUARY 29, 2015 FROM 06:30PM TO 08:00PM

Full Board


JANUARY 30, 2015 FROM 12:00PM TO 03:00PM

Champaign County Soil and Water Conservation District 72nd Annual Meeting

Round Barn Banquet Center
1900 Round Barn Rd
Champaign, IL 61821


JANUARY 31, 2015 FROM 11:00AM TO 01:30PM

Forming the Republican Women of Champaign Cty

2101 Windsor Place
Champaign, IL 61821



Today in History

1997   Madeleine Albright becomes the first female US Secretary of State

1571   The Royal Exchange opens in London.

1907   Charles Curtis from Kansas, becomes the first Native American US Senator.

1943   World War II: Australian and American forces finally defeat the Japanese army in Papua.

1973   President Richard Nixon announces that a peace accord has been reached in Vietnam.

1975   The TV comedy Barney Miller debuts on ABC.

Thank you and have a safe weekend!







David Fulton, Assistant Manager

Champaign County Farm Bureau


Phone: (217) 352-5235


“Champaign County Farm Bureau will strive to assist families in agriculture

by recognizing and responding to issues of concern while strengthening

partnerships and improving farm family life for this and future generations.”