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Friday Leader 1-16-15
January 18, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

Friday Leader

News from the Champaign County Farm Bureau

News for the Week Ending Friday, January 16, 2015


Last Chance!!

The Deadline for the 2015 103rd Champaign County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting “AGRICULTURE: The Future Is Ours!” is this upcoming Monday, January 19th. Please call the office today or Monday, at the very latest, to register for this great annual event! The evening will start with an optional Marketing Club Meeting (Presented by Premier Coop Marketing Panel) at 5p.m. Check-In will also be at 5p.m. – 6p.m. Dinner will start at 6p.m. and the meeting will start at 7p.m. This year’s Keynote Speaker is Cody Morris, Illinois State FFA President. Please Call: 352-5235 to reserve your spot today!





This Week’s Hot Topics

·      STATE FINANCES – Illinois budget director Tim Nuding held a conference call this week with state agency finance directors. Nuding made clear that the Administration is preparing to responsibly manage the inherited budget hole without inter-fund borrowing and the governor does not want to push more unpaid bills into next year.


·      EATING OUT - American consumers, businesses, and governments spent $1.4 trillion on food and beverages in 2013. Almost half that spending was devoted to food-away-from-home. The 49.6 percent of spending devoted to food-away-from-home in 2013 was an all-time high after a several years of decline following the Great Recession.


·      STOMACH PACEMAKER APPROVED (WSJ, 1/15) - Federal regulators approved a novel dieting device that acts like a pacemaker for the stomach by manipulating the nerve pathway that makes people feel hungry or full.


·      NEW GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Illinois lawmakers launched the 99th General Assembly Wednesday expressing hope that a change at the top of state government might lead to a resurgence in the Land of Lincoln. Members of the House and Senate were sworn into office for the two-year session during separate ceremonies, including one presided over by Gov. Bruce Rauner, the first Republican governor in a dozen years.


·      IDNR CHIEF - Gov. Bruce Rauner will make Rep. Wayne Rosenthal (R-Litchfield) the head of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, multiple sources said. Rosenthal is a retired Illinois Air National Guard Brigadier General, who operates a grain farm.


·      DUQUOIN FAIR - Just shy of a year into his tenure as manager of the Du Quoin State Fair, Shannon Woodworth has been dismissed by newly sworn-in Gov. Bruce Rauner.


·      FAIR QUEEN PAGEANT - Lynsey Whitaker lives for the lights, the action, the cameras. "It will be the time of my life," said Whitaker, who will represent Adams County this weekend in the 56th Miss Illinois State Fair Queen Pageant in Springfield. A record 72 county fair queens are entered in this year's competition, which runs from Thursday through Sunday.


·      CHIPOTLE HALTS PORK SALES - Pork is off the menu at hundreds of Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants because the restaurant chain says a major pork supplier violated its standards for humanely raising pigs.


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee met this Tuesday to discuss with Kevin Semlow about the 2015 State Legislative Priorities. The Legislative Committee Meets to discuss policies and issues on a local, state and national level. Join us in February!

The Board of Directors established the following as the 2015 State Legislative Priorities for the

Illinois Farm Bureau:

Seek passage of a state budget that provides necessary levels of funding for core

agricultural programs in order to maintain existing services that protect consumers,

landowners, and farmers.

? Maintain sales tax exemptions for agricultural goods and services and assure business-tobusiness

transactions are not taxed as a part of any sales tax reforms.

? Seek legislation requiring that any decision to permanently post a road at a reduced

weight limit or to permanently close a road requires the unanimous approval of the road

commissioner, county engineer and a majority of the elected members of the board

associated with the road district.

? Support legislation that modernizes state sales tax incentives for ethanol blended fuels by

expediting the sunset of the 10% ethanol blended fuel incentive and creates additional

demand for the use of fuels containing higher ethanol blends.

? Support legislation that will align state Commercial Driver’s License regulations for

farmers with those implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

? Explore opportunities to amend expedited review procedures for new large, complex high

voltage electric service lines that will better protect landowners’ rights.

? Oppose an increase to Illinois’ minimum wage that is believed to be inflationary and

would negatively impact Illinois’ business climate.


Earth partners

For the last two weeks Earth Partners has had the privilege to help educate 8th graders from 13 area schools at the annual Education for Employment Career Conference.  While doing some digging about prospective topics, I came across the book Who Grew My Soup? by Tom Darbyshire.  While the content of the book was a little young for 8th graders, the message conveyed was too good not to share! 

Phineas Quinn appears to be just another young boy refusing to eat his vegetables, until he begins to wonder, “Where exactly do the vegetables come from?”  Who grew his soup?  Enter a flying tomato hot air balloon and one souper-wiser…  Phin is transported to the farms where the vegetables were grown and learns valuable lessons from the farmers who grew them! 

By clicking on the link below, you’ll have the opportunity to listen and learn more about Tom Darbyshire’s book, Who Grew My Soup?  We also have several copies in the office if you’d like to check it out and read it with your family.  Maybe it will even spark some conversation around your kitchen table!


Ag Acquaintance Day

This week CCFB had the opportunity to inspire Mahomet-Seymour 8th Grade students with agricultural presentations about careers in agriculture. Some don’t consider how broad and wide the agricultural industry is. These presentations explain to youth that they can be involved on many different levels of the industry within their existing interests.

A huge thank you to our volunteers!

Gale Cunningham, WYXY Classic 99.1

Colleen Hatton, DISH Passionate Cuisine

Traci Barkley, Sola Gratia

Brady Allison, Farm Credit

Reid Thompson, Hertz Farm Management

Heather Thompson, GROWMARK

Marla Todd, University of Illinois

A special thanks to Jennifer Wherley for setting up the connection with CCFB Manager, Brad Uken, and Mahomet-Seymour 8th Grade!


Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy – YOU won’t want to miss it!

Today in History

·      1995   The first episode of Star Trek: Voyager airs.

·      1412   The Medici family are made official bankers of the Papacy.

·      1547   Ivan the Terrible becomes Tsar of Russia.

·      1556   Philip II becomes King of Spain.

·      1581   English Parliament outlaws Roman Catholicism.

·      1909   The magnetic South Pole is found

·      1919   The 18th amendment (prohibition) is passed


Mark Your Calendar!

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CCFB Annual Meeting

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Life Line Screenings

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Full Board

·      JANUARY 30, 2015      FROM 12:00PM TO 03:00PM

Champaign County Soil and Water Conservation District 72nd Annual Meeting

Round Barn Banquet Center


Have a safe and wonderful weekend!







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