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Friday Leader 11-26-14
November 26, 2014 by: Lesley Gooding

The Friday Leader

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News for the Week Ending Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Congressman Rodney Davis


On Monday, November 24th, J.C. & Karen Reitmeier and David Fulton were able to meet with Congressman Rodney Davis to discuss  issues in agriculture.

Thank You!

The Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation would like to thank you for your support and attendance to the 2014 Harvest Foundation Gala at the Pear Tree Estate this past Friday, November 21st! The number of attendees increased approximately by 25 this year as opposed to last year’s attendance. Many thanks to those who participated in the live and silent auctions, your generous offerings make the difference in supporting college students in their learning careers. This year’s net income was roughly $45,000! Huge thanks to our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and all those who attended.




Earth Partners - Did you know?

As you prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, how many of you thought about the farmers who grew the items that you put in your shopping cart?  When I grabbed the Libby’s canned pumpkin off the shelf, it took me back to my classroom presentations at Fisher Grade School last week.  How impressive is it that Illinois is the number one producer of pumpkins?!?  Or what about all the time and devotion that turkey farmers must commit to raise more than 240 million turkeys annually!


One farmer can feed 158 people.  I began thinking, just how much money do Americans spend on food each year, and how much of that money goes back to the farm?


Food in America is affordable.  In fact, in less than two months, the average American earns enough disposable income to pay for his or her food supply for the entire year. In 2012, Americans spent just 10% of their disposable personal income on food. So how much of that income does the farm receive?


For every dollar spent on food, the farm receives just 17.4¢.  Let’s break it down:

Money Spent on Food

Farmer’s Share










For more information, visit the USDA Economic Research Service’s Food Dollar Series:


This Week’s Hot Topics

CHINESE CORN - China will begin to buy corn from farmers this week under an annual intervention program. Industry sources have pointed to China's bulging state corn stocks as the reason for closer monitoring that has led to shipments of cheap U.S. corn being turned away on the grounds it contains a genetically modified strain not permitted for import.


SUPREME COURT TO RULE ON POLLUTION RULES - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday said it would review the nation’s first-ever standards requiring power plants to reduce mercury emissions and other toxic air pollutants, taking up a case with implications for President Barack Obama’s broader environmental agenda.

  - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday proposed lower limits for ground-level ozone, or smog, in the atmosphere, setting in motion the latest in a series of far reaching federal pollution restrictions.


BUMPER CROP – Columnist Stu Ellis says with most combines parked in the machine shed, many farmers who spent the past two months in the cabs will spend the next two months at their desk trying to figure out what has happened to them financially.

CHICKEN AND THE U.S.– Commentary says while the eagle landed on the country’s Great Seal and the turkey gets pride of place at our holiday dinners, neither bird can claim to have changed American culture more than their lowly avian cousin, the chicken.

TWEET OF THE DAY - School kids are giving thanks to first lady Michelle Obama just in time for the holiday — with a sarcastic Twitter hashtag about unappealing school lunches. The hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama has been among the top trends on Twitter this week.

Mark Your Calendar!

Looking ahead into December - where did November go?

The Marketing Club will meet December 1st at 7PM in the auditorium. Also on December 1st will be the District 12 Resolutions Meeting at 6PM. Young Ag Leaders will have their Christmas Party at Biaggis on December 2nd at 6:30PM and have their regular meeting on December 4th in the auditorium starting at 6:30PM. December 6-9 will be the IAA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Today in History

November 26th

  • 1778   Captain James Cook becomes the first European to visit Maui.
  • 1917   The National Hockey League is formed
  • 1922   Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon become the first people to enter the tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamun in over 3000 years.
  • 1942   The famous film Casablanca premieres.

Thanksgiving Thoughts – Did You Know?

·         The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and was a 3 day festival, not a big meal. It included eating, hunting and various entertainments to celebrate the pilgrim’s first successful harvest.

·         There was not a turkey at the first Thanksgiving, but 5 deer instead

·         1789 President Washington announced the first National Thanksgiving holiday, but did not become a national tradition until the 19th Century

·         President Lincoln announced the National Holiday to become an annual event during the Civil War, after writer Sara Josepha Hale led a 30 year campaign in efforts to re-create the first Thanksgiving. Sara Hale also popularized our typical Thanksgiving meal we see today by creating recipes for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and making them public.

To see more visit:

The CCFB office will be CLOSED November 27th and 28th to observe the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels!


David Fulton




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