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CCFB Membership Awards
November 4, 2014 by: Lesley Gooding

Membership awards just keep coming….

We told you that we finished our membership year with a record setting 2,501 voting members, continuing our reign as the largest voting membership county in the State of Illinois.  Recently the following volunteers were identified to be recognized at the Illinois Farm Bureau Annual meeting as Director 5 Honorees.  Lin Warfel, Marguerite Zahnd, Adam Watson, Chris Murray, Joe Burke and Mark Pflugmacher all signed 5 or more new voting members.  But it doesn’t stop there, Kirk Builta, Paula Zwilling, Darrell Rice, Scott Kesler and J.C. Reitmeier all signed 3 new voting members. And Erica Frye, Josh Green, Tyler Flessner, Bill Busing and Kevin Foster each added a new member to the roles as well.  Thank You to all of these individuals for signing new members but Thank You to each of you as well for continuing your membership in the organization as well, that is a critical part of our success also!