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Lin Warfel Waterhemp in Field
September 29, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

Post Harvest Luxury



The weeks of harvest over

luxurious moments settle in


Rising in the dark (still)

breakfast over

I settle into my recliner

good light, good coffee, good book(s)


A little thought about king David

a skim over Daniel's plights

and a dig into another person's thinking



the 'Mind Economy'


The luxuries of being a grain farmer

Corn and soybeans in the bins

A year's work, Piled Higher and Deeper


A mile away a corn mountain

Grain company bins full

a monstrous pile lies under a tarp

football field sized

a symbol of America


Teamwork on display

Science and invention

education and economy

even government

and the people


One American farmer and his (or her) team

feeding 155 other people

freeing them for other work

exporting in abundance

see flowing grain


Flowing into train cars

100 cars at a time rolling

pouring into barges

making their way down the Mississippi

to giant ships

and around the world


Ease back, farmer

have a sip of coffee

the work day is starting slowly

time for your mind to travel


Selah, Lin, post harvest 2016


"The Rise of the Creative Class", Richard Florida

"The Innovators", Walter Isaakson

"The Innovators Solutions", Clayton Christensen

"The Innovative University", Clayton Christensen








Waterhemp hacked out of a soybean field.  Headed for my burn pile!  600,000 seeds per plant...imagine how many seeds on my Gator!