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Come, September by Lin Warfel, Past President
August 19, 2015 by: Lesley Gooding

CCFB Past President, Lin Warfel, is a gifted poet and has shared one of his poems with us!  Enjoy! 


Come, September


Summer is closing down

August heat simmering

rains scarce

Crops are throwing switches

Done, they say, finished!


Heavy with (child) seeds

they stand stiff, lose their leaves

green slipping away to tans

harvest is coming

come September


The world is so uneven

some areas with surplus

others with hunger seasons

governments spit and spat

leaving the hungry on their own


Yet some people are out there

assessing the situations

bringing STEAM*

increasing productivity

saving people from starving


Oh, come, September

with the harvest!

Let's see again the machines rolling

sifting, sorting, grains flowing

to trucks and trains

to barges and ocean ships


God bless America

and people who care

reaching out to teach,

to reach the hungry and help

not just to feed, but to show

better ways