Interested in finding out more about agriculture.  Try following a blog.  Some interesting stories and perspectives from farmers/ranchers/parents across the country!  CCFB doesn't write a blog, but we do read what these authors write.  Give them a read and see what you think!

  • The Prairie Californian – Author, who grew up in California, married a farmer from South (or North?) Dakota and now lives there, advocating for ag on her blog. There’s a good mixture of ag info, recipes and pictures.

  • Mackinson Dairy Farm – Written by IFB member Mary Mackinson Faber about her family’s dairy farm in Pontiac, Ill. Lots of good dairy info.
  • Kids, Cows and Grass – Blog written by a mom and rancher from a Kansas ranch. Lots of good stories and info. Also a Facebook page.

  • Mom at the Meat Counter – Excellent blog about all things meat science. Great information about labels and safety of the meat industry.

  • The Adventures of Dairy Carrie – Dairy farmer and industry advocate.

  • The Farmer’s Wifee – Dairy Blog, great job answering common questions about dairy production.

  • Illinois Farm Girl – Written by Illinois farmer and mom Katie Pratt. Her blogs are chock full of info and always straightforward and logical.

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Champaign County Farm Bureau Board Member, Adam Watson, was one of two dozen Illinois Farm Bureau members visiting Washington, D.C., as part of the Leaders to Washington trip.  The trip, sponsored by the Illinois Farm Bureau, took place March 21 –March 23.  Adam’s first trip with the Leaders to Washington was a memorable one …
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CCFB is working hard to raise awareness of GMO's!  You will soon see these ads on C-U MTD buses!  You will also be hearing some radio ads, voiced by CCFB Members on WDWS! 

Post Harvest Luxury



The weeks of harvest over

luxurious moments settle in

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A busy August at the Champaign County Farm Bureau.  Toolshed meetings, Legislative meetings speaking about MAPS, and an Afternoon with your Congressman!

CCFB Past President, Lin Warfel, is a gifted poet and has shared one of his poems with us!  Enjoy! 


Come, September


Summer is closing down

August heat simmering

rains scarce

Crops are throwing switches

Done, they say, finished!


Heavy with (child) seeds

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